Nose-to-Tail Series

Nose-to-Tail Series

For those of us raised in the era of gleaming butcher counter displays, filled with perfectly portioned, glossy wrapped cuts of meat (that seem far removed from where they came from), the notion of digging into a dish featuring organs or other “unsavory bits” can feel a bit jarring. But a new movement led by farms, chefs, artisan butchers, and environmentally conscious eaters aims to change that.

What is Nose-to-Tail eating?

Nose-to-tail eating is a philosophy of using every part of the animal in food preparation, letting nothing go to waste. Aside from its appeal as a more traditional diet, it’s also one of the most economically and environmentally friendly ways to approach working with meat. Plus, it aims to squash our squeamishness: from charcuterie to pig trotters, nose to tail celebrates traditionally prepared dishes that feature overlooked or lesser-known parts.

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