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Why Choose Raw Dog Food

Written by Adam Baldwin for Pineshine Farms, September 20th, 2021 After all, the domesticated dog evolved from wolves. They are natural pack animals which made them perfect for work with human beings, and they’re carnivores. Their bodies crave meat. More specifically, the canine physique requires a high protein diet to run at peak performance. The…
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Grazing Sustainably

Written by Adam Baldwin for Pineshine Farms, September 3rd, 2021 Over time, farmers realized that growing one type of plant in one area for too long would exhaust the soil in that area, likewise, their herds would deplete the pasture of their natural food source; however, when the herd moved, they saw that the land…
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Homemade Soap (with Leaf Lard!)

Old-fashioned soap making.

Pass the Butter, Please

People have made butter as a means of storing excess milk for millennia. Learn a few methods to make butter yourself in this quick read.

Raw Milk, Pure Body

Have you ever thought about why we pasteurize milk?