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The Secret to a Tender London Broil

A London broil, when seasoned and cooked properly, is a wonderful way to serve steak to a crowd without breaking your family budget. This article was originally posted by Bon Appetit by Rick Martinez https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/cooking-tips/article/effed-it-up-london-broil “Many of the London broil recipes I’ve encountered are very similar—with lots of acid, including both lemon juice and vinegar.…
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Pass the Butter, Please

During these unprecedented times, we see things rapidly disappearing from grocery store shelves. Things like toilet paper, eggs, and vinegar have become rare items. There was a time that the butter aisle was vacant as well, but most grocers around seem to have gotten this issue under control. But, what if I don’t want to…
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Homemade Sour Cream

Every week we hear awesome stories from our Sustainable Dairy members about what they are doing with their dairy deliveries. Fresh whipped cream, cheeses, kifer; you name it, they’re trying it. When we learned one recipe in particular took only two ingredients, almost no hands-on time, and would replace a processed item we regularly purchased…
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What Is Leaf Lard and How To Use It

Article originally posted by Taste of Southern. Leaf Lard is said to be the very best lard one can use to make pie crusts. It’s suppose to produce a very flaky crust and is favored because it has very little pork flavor as compared to regular pork lard. Derived from pork fat, it is considered…
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How to Cook Tender Grass Fed Steak: Dry Salt Brine

Grass-fed beef is the clear winner on many counts, but you may have noticed that grass-fed steaks can be noticeably tougher than grain-fed. We have a technique that makes every bite of your grass-fed steak oh-so-flavorful and tender.