How to Cook Tender Grass Fed Steak: Dry Salt Brine

How to Cook Tender Grass Fed Steak: Dry Salt Brine

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How To Cook Perfectly Tender Grass-Fed Steak

Learn how to cook tender grass-fed steak by following these step by step directions!

Grass-Fed Steak is all the rage these days. And for good reason! Here’s just a few reasons why I choose grass-fed beef:

  • Grass-Fed Beef is More Nutritious

Grass Fed Beef contains a far better nutrient profile than grain-fed beef. Pasture raised meat contains significantly higher Omega-3s, Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and contains higher levels of CLA (conjugated lineolic acid) and minerals.

  • Grass-Fed Beef is More Humane

Pasture raised cows receive plenty of fresh grass, clean air, sunshine and exercise and live like cows were meant to live. These are all critical elements denied of over 90% of our country’s farm animals today.

  • Grass Fed Beef is More Environmentally Friendly

Farms that raise pasture raised animals build quality soil, not deplete it. The cow manure from grass-fed cows becomes a natural fertilizer, not a major waste management problem like in factory feedlots.

  • Grass-Fed Beef is GMO & Antibiotic Free

Grain-fed cows have diets composed of genetically modified (GMO) corn and soybean products. Not only that, but cows fed grains suffer many digestive problems because cows aren’t designed to eat grain. A cows stomach is supposed to be a neutral ph. But when cows eat corn and grain, it creates an acidic environment in their stomach, making a very sick animal. An acidic stomach boosts E. coli and pathogen counts in the gut and encourages the spread of disease. As a result, the animals get sick and need antibiotics and medications.

The Secrets to Create Tender Grass-Fed Steak

Grass-fed beef is the clear winner on many counts, but you may have noticed that grass-fed steaks can be noticeably tougher than grain-fed. That’s because pasture raised cows get plenty of exercise resulting in thicker muscle fibers. They also take longer to “finish.” These factors can create tougher meat. Many people are excited about making their first grass-fed steak, only to be disappointed by a tough, chewy and rubbery steak. Yuck!

And I totally hear you! I had the same problem until I learned the secrets of making perfectly tender grass-fed steak. Now I’ll gladly share my secrets with you ?  I have to thank Cooks Country, which is where I found this technique. Thanks to them, I have been cooking tender grass-fed steak ever since.

The secret is to use a liberal amount of salt to create a “dry brine” and then let the steak rest.  Salt is the agent that relaxes the tighten woven protein cells and helps break down the protein and fat. The results are a juicy, absolutely flavorful and tender grass-fed steak.

And don’t worry – you won’t be eating all that salt and it won’t taste like a salt-lick, I promise. Most of the salt will get washed away. Only a minimal amount of salt gets trapped inside. And this salt and any other spices and herbs you add get infused throughout the entire steak through osmosis. That makes every bite of your grass-fed steak oh-so-flavorful and tender. It’s absolute perfection!

Follow this technique to a T and you will have mouthwatering, perfectly tender grass-fed steak!

Step by Step Directions on How to Make Tender Grass-Fed Steak

  1. Pick your steak – any steak will work, I promise!

  2. Season your steak with 1 teaspoon of coarse sea salt per side.

  3. Add any additional herbs or seasonings to both sides.

  4. Let steak sit for 1 hour per inch of thickness.

  5. Rinse the steak well.

  6. Pat both sides completely dry. (Very important!)

  7. Grill, cook or broil your steak using your favorite method (see my suggestions below).

  8. Season with pepper and add a pat of butter, ghee, duck fat or favorite fat of choice over top of the steak.

  9. Let sit for 5 minutes.

  10.  Enjoy eating your flavorful, juicy & tender grass-fed steak!

This recipe was originally posted on http://www.primallyinspired.com/how-to-cook-tender-grass-fed-steak/#