Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak

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Pineshine Farms 100% Grass Fed Hanger Steak is a tender cut prized for its flavor. This steak does not disappoint!
What is a Hanger Steak?

A hanger steak, also known as butcher’s steak or hanging tenderloin, is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavor. In the past it was among several cuts of beef sometimes known as “butcher’s steak”, because butchers would often keep it for themselves rather than offer it for sale. This is because the general populace believed this to be a crude cut of meat, although it is actually one of the most tender.

Where This Cut Comes From

Beef plate (also known as the short plate) is a forequarter cut from the belly of the cow, just below the rib cut.

Best Cooking Method

Ideal for marinating and grilling or sliced thin and stir-fried. Grass Fed is best when cooked low and slow; you should sear the outside on a grill or skillet, and then transfer to the oven to continue cooking until desired doneness is reached.

Quality is our top priority! All Pineshine Beef is 100% Grass Fed, Antibiotic & Hormone Free,Non-GMO, Corn-Free, and Soy-Free! Our animals are handled with the utmost care and attention from birth to harvest.

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