Pasture Raised Chicken (Whole)

Pasture Raised Chicken (Whole)

$7.00 per pound

Pineshine Farms 100% Pasture Raised Chicken is a lean, dressed bird that averages 4-7.5 lbs.

Package weights vary!

Our 4 lb birds can range from 4 lb to 7.5 lbs! Using the Desired Weight tool below, let us know if you’re looking for just the right amount, or a little extra!

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Pineshine Farms 100% Pasture Raised Chicken, sold whole. Dressed.
About Pineshine’s Chicken

Pineshine Farms free range chickens are raised on pasture with a plethora of grasses, legumes, and insects. They are always antibiotic, vaccine and hormone free!

Best Cooking Method

Excellent baked or fried!

Once you experience the flavor of Pineshine’s pasture raised chicken, you will never want to eat commodity farmed poultry again!
Pineshine Poultry may only be purchased and shipped within the State of Florida.



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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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