Arm Roast – 4.5 lbs.

Arm Roast – 4.5 lbs.

$12.00 per pound


$12.00 per lb. Pineshine Farms’ Arm Roast – approximately 4.5 lb.


Package weights vary! Our 4.5 lb roasts can range from 4.25 lb to 11.50 lbs! Using the Desired Weight tool below, let us know if you’re looking for just the right amount, or a little extra!
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Pineshine Farms 100% Grass Fed Arm Roast is a flavorful and economical roast best when slow cooked.
What is an Arm Roast?

The name originates from the arm bone (Humerus) of the upper forelimb. It is a economical cut that contains a rich, beefy flavor; due in part to the large bones left in the roast.

Where This Cut Comes From

As the name suggests, Arm Roasts are cut from the Chuck Primal of the cow, located in the shoulder area.

Best Cooking Method

Roasting, braising and baking are preferred cooking methods for Arm Roast. This allows enough time to break down tougher, worked tissue for a full flavor profile.

Recommended Cooking Temperatures:
Rare – 120°-125°
Medium Rare – 130°-135°
Medium – 140°-145°
Medium Well – 150°-155°
Well Done – 160° and above

Quality is our top priority! All Pineshine Beef is 100% Grass Fed, Antibiotic & Hormone Free,Non-GMO, Corn-Free, and Soy-Free! Our animals are handled with the utmost care and attention from birth to harvest.

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Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 3 in


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