Food Sovereignty Law

Food Sovereignty Law

A giant step towards freedom to control food and your health!

There is a food sovereignty movement out there wanting local food producers to be exempt from state licensing and inspections governing the selling of food. The exemptions only apply to farmers selling to customers for home consumption or when food products are sold at church or community events.

Earlier this summer, Governor Le Page of Maine signed legislation into law, the first of it’s kind!

Benefits of cutting such red tape by enacting food sovereignty laws include:

  • The right of municipalities to regulate food systems as they see fit, i.e. control is local!
  • An opportunity for rural economic growth, development of environmental and social wealth of local communities.
  • An opportunity for small, niche producers and young farmers to have greater access to market and free enterprise.
  • A step towards improved health, better nutrition and self-sufficiency through locally produced foods.

Supporters of the movement predict a groundswell of support from people and municipalities coming on board. Please take note, this is not about being anti-state food regulations, but the problematic cost of entry and “one size fits all” regulatory model does not work for small farmers and ranchers. This law lowers the hurdle dramatically of getting into farming.

Face to face transactions are beneficial! Everyone knows each other. The consumer knows where and how their food is produced – they can see it! Local food also reduces the carbon footprint – currently, foods in grocery stores travel an average of 1,600 miles to get to you!

Furthermore, not only is most of the food American’s consume today processed junk, 90% of it is imported!

Buying local is smart business. It’s healthier, less expensive, socially and economically a huge advantage and encourages community self-sufficiency. Through legislation like that in Maine, maybe our children won’t be consuming chicken and hams from Chinese corporations.

IDK about you but…IJS, sounds really good to me! Hats off to the great state of Maine!

What do you think?

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