16 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

People usually discard the grounds left behind after it’s brewed, but after reading this article, you may reconsider throwing them out. Coffee grounds have many practical uses around the home and garden and can even help spruce up your beauty routine!

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Curing Patients Not a Sustainable Medical Business Model

One of the most reviled companies in the United States recently gave Americans yet another reason to distrust their power: A recent Goldman Sachs report reveals the company questioning whether or not curing chronic illness is compatible with a sustainable business model.

Going Keto & Joanna’s Beef Stew

I think my story is common. I’m 50, I am a mother of 4, I didn’t do all I could during my parenting years to take care of myself physically. What can I say? I loved donuts!

Omega-3 and Alzheimer Prevention?

A recent study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed positive relationships between Omega-3, brain perfusion and cognition.

Food Sovereignty Law

There is a food sovereignty movement out there wanting local food producers to be exempt from state licensing and inspections governing the selling of food.