Cattle Dog Saves 3-Year Old Girl

His tiny human wandered away from home, so he did what any good cattle dog does… and protected her.

Grandma’s One Pan Hamburger Helper

This story was originally posted on https://www.theseasonedmom.com/grandmas-one-pan-hamburger-helper/ This is the best of all worlds. Like that workout that you actually enjoy; the little black dress that fits you like a glove and is on sale; or the warm, gooey, zero calorie brownie that’s sitting on your plate (wait, that’s not real?!). My friends, this dinner is most definitely…
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23 Simple Things You Can Do to Stop Overeating

23 Simple Things You Can Do to Stop Overeating Self-control is a struggle for many people, especially when it comes to food. Originally posted on https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/how-to-stop-overeating Eating too much in one sitting or taking in too many calories throughout the day are common habits that can be hard to break. Over time, eating too much…
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16 Creative Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

People usually discard the grounds left behind after it’s brewed, but after reading this article, you may reconsider throwing them out. Coffee grounds have many practical uses around the home and garden and can even help spruce up your beauty routine!

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Curing Patients Not a Sustainable Medical Business Model

One of the most reviled companies in the United States recently gave Americans yet another reason to distrust their power: A recent Goldman Sachs report reveals the company questioning whether or not curing chronic illness is compatible with a sustainable business model.