Understanding Meat Labels

You might not be getting what you think! In this brave new world where, despite the clear consumer demand for cleaner, healthier food, the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and toxic animal feeds continues to increase.

Keep Rotten Meat Off Our Plate!

Last year the USDA repealed the mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for meat. What this means is multinational meat companies can import meat and present it as domestic. Furthermore, the USDA allows these companies to put a “Product of USA” label on these foreign meat products! I am not kidding. But why does this…
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Grass-Fed versus Grain-Fed

What does Grass-Fed Mean? Before getting into the benefits of grass-fed meat, it’s important to pin down what we’re talking about. “Grass-fed” means exactly what it sounds like: the cow ate grass (and sometimes other grasslike things, like alfalfa – other stuff that you would naturally find in a field and that the cow would…
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Learn Your Cuts

Chuck What is it: The largest, most heavily-worked group of muscles on the animal, which means it needs to be cooked for several hours. Chuck is your stereotypical pot roast; it’s also great ground into a burger blend. Where it is on the cow: Shoulder muscle Fat content/marbling: Chuck contains connective tissue (fat and collagen) that breaks down when you…
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